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5 Things To Look For In An Emergency Dental Provider

Looking for an Emergency Dental Provider on the Sunshine Coast? Then you should consider these 5 things to look for in an emergency dentist.

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they feel the need to make an appointment for a dental emergency.


Most typically dental emergencies incorporate a range of scenarios including accidents that have resulted in chips, fractures, cracks or a knocked out tooth, as well as general toothache, bleeding, infections, jaw pain and swelling.


It is always recommended to seek treatment from a qualified dentist immediately when a dental emergency occurs as it will significantly improve the chance of saving the tooth (or teeth) and can prevent infections from spreading or becoming more serious.



“It is always recommended to seek treatment from a qualified dentist when a dental emergency occurs”




Emergency Dental Provider Checklist

When selecting an emergency dentist it is important to take in to account the following:


1. Immediate Appointment

It sounds obvious but it is important to find out if you can make an appointment with the dentist on the day you call them.

Sunshine Coast Smile Centre guarantees a same day emergency appointment. If you call early in the morning they will see you before the end of that working day.


When in pain there is nothing worse than being told you will have to wait several days or more for an appointment. That is why we set aside emergency appointments each day to accommodate patients requiring immediate treatment.


Another thing to look for is how many dentists are at the practice. As a general rule you are more likely to receive a same day emergency appointment from a practice with multiple dentists as opposed to just one. At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we have 3 resident dentists.



Sunshine Coast Centre performs a range of dental services at their Maroochydore practice.
Sunshine Coast Centre is an emergency dental provider who performs a range of dental services in-house at our Maroochydore practice



2. Range of services

It is worth considering the range of services the emergency dental provider can offer on-site at their practice.  As Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we perform all procedures on-site at our Cotton Tree practice.

You probably don’t want to have to travel to another practice for treatment especially if you are in pain.


The main thing to consider is what will actually take place on your consultation. It is always worth gaining an understanding of this before making an appointment.



“At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we GUARANTEE a same day emergency appointment”



3. Referrals

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre the majority of our patients are referred to us by their family or friends.  When looking for a dentist on the  Sunshine Coast it is always a good idea to check out what others have said. Some dentists might have reviews or testimonials on their website but it is always worth checking out what is being said on their Facebook page.


Reviews sometimes need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but as a general rule if a certain number of people are saying a dentist is good and offers great service then the chances are they probably do.



4. Cost

It is also worthwhile finding out what payment methods are accepted including health fund rebates and also if payment plans are offered.


Whilst the exact cost of your appointment will depend on the treatment required at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we have a capped price to treat your dental emergency.


At your appointment we will also provide a written treatment plan outlining cost of any future treatment if required and your discuss payment plan options.




Sunshine Coast Smile Centre has a highly skilled and professional Emergency Dental Team at their Maroochydore practice
Sunshine Coast Smile Centre has a highly skilled and professional emergency dental team



5. Convenient location

The location of the dental surgery is something you should consider.


Is it easy for you to get to by either bus or car? Is there car parking available? Is there a clear map of directions you can follow on their website.


If you require wheelchair access it is important to check whether the practice is currently equipped to accommodate you.


Choosing the right emergency dentist is important as you need to be confident you can not only relate to them on a personal level but also feel you are getting the best dental care possible too.


Use this checklist when making this decision and the chances are you will.




Want to make an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we GUARANTEE a same day emergency appointment.


If you would like to make one for yourself please call Jess 07 5443 2800 between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


If you are reading this after 5pm please fill out this request an appointment form and we will contact you the next morning.


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