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Why Custom Made Mouthguards Are Essential For Sport

Custom Made Mouthguards are essential to reduce the risk of sports dental injuries.

Why Custom Made Mouthguards Are Essential For Sport

Accidents while playing sport are one of the most common forms of dental injury. Most typically they occur as a result of a heavy bump or kick to the mouth or being hit by a ball or bat.


Many of these injuries can be prevented by wearing Custom Made Mouthguards.


Wearing a mouthguard is now compulsory for many Australian sporting codes including AFL, rugby, hockey and boxing.


Not all mouthguards are created equally. While you may think you are being protected, a cheaper ‘generic’ mouthguard might not be offering you much in the way of protection.





Why You Need A Mouthguard


Many people ask why wearing a mouthguard is important when playing sport. The Australian Dental Association has identified five primary reasons. These include:


– The ability to cushion teeth against impact.


– Protection against jaw joint injuries.


– Protection of soft tissue injuries.


– Prevention of neck and jaw injuries.


– Potential to reduce concussion.




“The best type of mouthguard is one which is specifically custom-made by a dentist”




About Custom Made Mouthguards


Although it may be tempting to buy a cheap mouthguard online or from a pharmacy it might not be a good option. They are often poor fitting as well as providing minimal protection. This can impact speech, breathing and swallowing and may also be very uncomfortable to wear.


The best type of mouthguard is one which is specifically custom-made by a dentist.


At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre our sports dentistry service specialises in making custom made mouthguards that offer you full protection during sport. We take the time to ensure it is not only the right fit for you but also the correct thickness. This will protect your teeth not only from a front on knock but also upward force.


At your initial appointment, we will take a detailed impression of your teeth. This will then be used to create your mouthguard.


At your second visit we will check the fit of your mouthguard to ensure it is ready to wear.





Want A Custom Made Mouthguard?


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