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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is not something we encourage at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre given the risks involved.

In recent years there has been a rise in dental tourism.


But we are seeing an increased number of patients who have experienced major problems after having their dental treatment overseas.


Before considering having your treatment completed overseas it is important that you are aware and informed of the potential risks involved in Dental Tourism and do your research thoroughly.

For instance do you know:

  • Where was the dentist trained?
  • Is it a reputable university?
  • Are you confident that you will receive quality treatment and care?

There is a risk with all complex dentistry. Treatment needs to be planned and completed over a series of appointments.

When having dental treatment overseas multiple procedures are often compressed into a short time frame.  This dramatically increases the chances of the treatment failing.




“It is important that you are aware and informed of the potential risks involved in Dental Tourism”





If you having treatment completed overseas you should consider:

  • Do you have access to expert emergency care if something does go wrong?
  • If you return from having treatment overseas and you later discover a fault, are you certain that the overseas dentist can repair the work, if not, how will you pay for subsequent treatment?

It is important to remember that Australian dental practices are required to comply with strict infection control protocols enforced by the Australian Dental Association, the Dental Board of Australia and the National Health and Medical Research Council.


When having treatment overseas your health is in the hands of the person performing the treatment.


Therefore you should find out:

  • What are the health standards in the country of treatment?
  • Does the dentist follow the standards?
  • How do you know if the instruments used are sterilised correctly and the materials are safe?


It is important to consider all factors not just the cost or it before having dental treatment completed overseas.


Many dental procedures are invasive and once completed cannot be undone.


A dental consultation at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre prior to overseas treatment may provide you with an affordable treatment option with an accredited dentist.


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