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How to tell when you need Dental Fillings

If you think you might need Dental Fillings please call Sunshine Coast Smile Centre on 07 5443 2800.

Dental Fillings is a popular technique to restore the structure and function of a tooth that has been lost, decayed or damaged.


You might not be aware of this but as a procedure Dental Fillings have actually been around since the early 1500s!


They can affect anyone. Even those who maintain a good, regular oral hygiene routine at home. As a variety of factors, including lifestyle and biology play a part in their presence.


Dental fillings are crucial in restoring cavities and dental problems, which if left untreated could cause more serious issues over time.


They plug holes in teeth left by decay and therefore allow them to remain healthy and function properly.


Typically most fillings are made of materials like amalgam, which is a hybrid of alloys like silver, mercury and tin, or composite materials like resin and glass.


They can also be made of porcelain ceramic and even gold. All of which are not harmful to your body.


But how do you know when you need a Dental Fillings?






Signs You Might Need Dental Fillings

If you have any form of pain or discomfort with your teeth you should see your dentist immediately.


However there are some tell-tale signs which would suggest you may require dental fillings.


These include:


– General throbbing or sharp pain in your tooth.


– Pain when you eat. Especially when biting or chewing.


– You have holes or dark spot on a tooth.


– Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. (Or also sweet, sticky or sour foods).


– Your tooth becomes chipped or fractured.


– Food constantly gets stuck on or between certain teeth.


– Your tooth feels coarse or rough.


– The string regularly tears around the same tooth every time you floss it.


– You lose a tooth filling.


– An existing tooth filling is cracked or broken.






Risks of Ignoring the need for Dental Fillings

If you experience any of the symptoms above you should contact us immediately.


Ignoring the need for dental fillings carries a huge risk of escalating damage. For instance your tooth will continue to rot and decay.


This, if left untreated, can lead to infections in the mouth like gingivitis or gum disease. It could also become even more painful and uncomfortable to eat food.


In extreme circumstances it left untreated, the cavity will become larger, to the point that the tooth might decay on an even bigger scale.


This could result in the need for a root canal treatment or tooth extraction.






Dental Fillings Procedure

If you are one of the people who have a fear of going to the dentist, fear not. The procedure for dental fillings involves little to no discomfort.


Generally a treatment takes between 30 minutes to an hour. Though it does of course depend on how much work you need done.


Immediately after your appointment your teeth may feel a little weird for a while. But within a day or so, that feeling will subside.


In terms of cost Dental Fillings are pretty affordable, especially if you have private healthcare that offers a good rebate. We also offer payment plans to patients as well.






Think You Might Need Dental Fillings?


If you think you might need dental fillings please call Jess on 07 5443 2800. She will be happy to discuss your symptoms with you.


Alternatively if you are reading this outside of our practice hours of 8.30am to 5pm please fill out this Request An Appointment form.


We will get back to you early the next working day.


All treatments are performed onsite at our Cotton Tree practice.


As a family business we are also passionate about supporting other local family businesses too. So source most of our equipment and materials from them whenever possible.


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