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What exactly is Root Canal Procedure?

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we perform all Root Canal Procedure onsite at our Maroochydore practice

Root Canal Procedure…. It is a phrase that sends shivers down the spine of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But what if I told you a Root Canal Procedure will not be as bad as you think?


How would you feel about it then?


Root canal, or endodontic treatment as it is also known, is a procedure which attempts to save teeth which otherwise might need to be extracted. By and large it is recommended for when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth is infected through decay or injury.




The Root Canal Procedure – How it works

A root canal is the space that lies within the root of your teeth. It’s a hollow area of soft tissue containing the nerve, look vessels and connective tissues. They are located in the coronal part of the tooth known as the pulp chamber.


Running through the centre of the roots in the same way as the lead runs through a pencil, the dental pulp assists with the formation of your adult teeth a couple of years after they first erupt in your mouth.


It also serves to nourish and hydrate the overall tooth structure, thereby making it stronger, more resilient and less susceptible to the kind of damage that can occur from chewing hard foods. The dental pulp also helps facilitate your hot and cold sensory function.


“A Root Canal Procedure has a success rate of over 90%”


Unfortunately, this dental pulp is not bullet proof and it can suffer from nerve infection. This most typically happens if the tooth has received a heavy blow during an accident. Also if it is severely decayed or if a cracked or missing filling has been left untreated for an prolonged length of time. During this time bacteria becomes attracted to this rich source of nourishment and starts to feast away on the deaden nerve.


Whilst this is happening your body is helpless to fight the infection because as soon as the nerve dies the blood supply to the tooth dies too. As a result your body is unable to send white blood cells to counteract the bacteria.


Faced with this freedom the bacteria will soon start to explore other parts of your tooth. Even going as far as venturing into the tiny space between your teeth and jawbone. When this happens it starts to form an abscess which quickly becomes very painful and it is at this point that most people call their dentist. If left untreated for any significant length of time the abscess could result in the tooth being removed.


Whilst it sounds scary enough with the rapid and continued advancement in dentistry, anaesthetics and dental technology, root canal treatments should no longer be feared.


Today, skilled dentists like the staff at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre can painlessly remove the infected pulp, give the area a good clean and seal it up again.


This will protect your root canal chamber from future damage and restore your tooth to its former glory when finished off with a Porcelain Crown. This whole process an be carried out in house under one roof at our Cotton Tree practice.




Need A Root Canal Procedure?

Root canal treatments have a success rate of over 90%. With the use of modern anesthetics the whole procedure can be carried out with no discomfort at all.


If you believe you are in need of a Root Canal Procedure please call us today on 07 5443 2800 to make an appointment.



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