Do you have missing teeth? Dental Implants could be the answer for you

Dental implants replace missing teeth

Dental implants are the most successful form of treatment available for replacing missing teeth.

What is a dental implant?

An implant is a medical-grade titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone as a substitute for a missing tooth root. They are allowed to integrate naturally with the bone (a process called osseointegration) before a crown, bridge or fixed denture is fitted to replace one or more missing teeth.

The benefits of dental implants are:

  • They are a permanent solution to missing teeth
  • They are identical to your natural teeth in appearance, feel and function
  • They restore your bite by stopping the remaining teeth on either side of the space moving and rotating, which often makes it difficult to chew food efficiently
  • They improve the appearance of your smile
  • They reduce the appearance of premature ageing and wrinkles
  • They help retain bone structure.

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All Dental Implants are performed in-house at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre at our Maroochydore based practice.
All Dental Implants are performed in-house at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre



Do You Need Dental Implants?

A loose denture can interfere with a person’s ability to eat certain foods, talk and even laugh. Dental implants can be used to anchor dentures in to place and also to prevent food from getting caught underneath.

Mini implants are a minimally invasive solution for loose dentures. These smaller diameter implants can sometimes be used when there is not enough bone for conventional implants and are also lower in cost.

In-house Dental Implants Treatment

Some dentists need to refer you elsewhere for implant treatment but at Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we can provide this for you all under one roof.

If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about missing teeth, dentures that are loose or if you are unable to chew properly our in-house implants could change your life.

Dental Implants At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre

At Sunshine Coast Smile Centre we offer a comprehensive range of in-house general, cosmetic and implant dental services, which are all performed on site at our practice in Cotton Tree.

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