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Oral Health Therapist / Dental Hygienist

Lisa studied at the University of Qld (2000) and is qualified as both a dental hygienist (all ages) and oral health therapist (children).

“You, the patient, are at the centre of everything we do, and my role in the Sunshine Coast Smile Centre team revolves around the prevention of oral health problems.

Every person has a unique life story. We are not here to judge the condition of your teeth – you have trusted us to help and we take great pride in doing that in a compassionate, understanding and respectful manner.

It is my job to listen to your concerns either about your teeth, or how I might approach treatment, and make any accommodations necessary to make the appointment easier for you. For example, I understand that laying all the way back in the chair can be intimidating. Or that bright lights and noises can be debilitating obstacles to treatment. We are here to help.

Each day I value the chance to get to know our patients, tailor treatment to their needs and provide dental care in as comfortable a way as possible.

As a parent of two boys, I also look forward to treating our very youngest patients. We encourage kids to ask questions, explore the dental setting, and have treatment explained to them in a way that is age-appropriate.

I am proud to be part of this family-run practice where quality and compassionate care is at the core of what we do”.


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