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Which Toothpaste Brands should I use?

Need help choosing with Toothpaste Brands to use?

A question our 3 resident dentists get asked a lot is ‘which toothpaste brands should I use’?

This is a difficult question as the choice is very wide. A quick scour of the supermarket shelves reveal a host of different Toothpaste Brands.

Many of these you will instantly recognise like Colgate, Oral B and Macleans.

But as they come with many different flavours and are targeted to different elements of oral health the choice can be overwhelming.

When it comes to choosing toothpaste brands you should always pick something that has the ADA seal of approval on it. We also recommend using a toothpaste that contains fluoride too.

But beyond that it does come down to personal circumstance and preference.

“When it comes to choosing toothpaste brands you should always pick something that has the ADA seal of approval on it”

History of Toothpaste

Toothpaste plays a very crucial role in cleaning and upkeeping both the look and health of your teeth.

Archaeologists believe toothpaste has been around since 5000 BC. When Egyptians used to a tooth powder, made from ashes of ox hooves, myrrh, powdered and burnt eggshells and pumice, to clean their teeth.

While several reinventions of this were developed over time it was until the 19th century that toothpaste in powder form came in to general use in the United Kingdom.

By 1900, a toothpaste made of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda began to be recommended for use with toothbrushes.

Types of Toothpaste Brands

There are a number of different types of toothpaste brands around. These include toothpaste for:


Typically these come in child friendly packaging, often adorned with cartoon or movies characters on them. They tend to have milder flavours than more traditional toothpastes, as well as lower levels of fluoride and abrasives than adult toothpaste.

These types of toothpaste are more appropriate for children under the age of 6.


Recommended for those with mild or moderate teeth sensitivity this toothpaste acts to make the exposed nerve endings a little less responsive to pain.

Teeth Whitening

Toothpastes that aim to get rid of tartar and whiten your teeth tend to have higher amounts of abrasives in it than normal.

It can be effective for adults with light to moderate teeth stain issues. However it is nowhere near as effective as teeth whitening treatments.


Toothpaste design to prevent the effects of cavities tends to be labelled as ‘advanced’ or ‘complete’. It is recommended for adults with a history of regular dental decay.

With up to five times the amount of fluoride in it than other toothpastes, it aims to repair the damages of daily wear and tear.


Very good for people who are sensitive to fluoride these toothpaste brands tend to have essential oils or natural ingredients in them.

They do not contain any fluoride in them.

When choosing a toothpaste a good rule of thumb is to start with a flavour you might like. Mint has always been a popular flavour. But nowadays they are made in a range of spicy flavours. These include fennel or cinnamon. As well as fruity flavours like peach or apricot.


Need Advice on Which Toothpaste Brands To Use?

If you would like more detail about which brands of toothpaste to use please call Jess on 07 5443 2800.

She will be able to suggest a good brand based on your needs.

She will also be able to pass on a number of other oral health tips too.



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